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OEM Consulting

We provide you with OEM consulting services. We want you to have nice experience at our factory, and all our functions are dedicated to your project.

  • Art consultant is answering to clients' questions.

    OEM Consultants

    Work directly with you throughout the entire process - manage your order from start to finish.

  • Art consultant is answering to clients' questions.


    According to your needs, we will provide you with innovative designs and solutions.

  • Art consultant is answering to clients' questions.


    Customized design by professional designers.

  • Art consultant is answering to clients' questions.

    After Sales Team

    Deal with your problem within 12 hours and give a solution within 3 working days.

Product Advantages

  • Wide varieties

  • high quality

  • Diversified design,in line with the current Market trend

Design Process

Work with a professional design team to design what you want.

Oil painting hanging on the wall

First, let us get to know your requirements.

Please tell us the general environment of product requirements and placement. It is to provide environmental drawings to achieve good ratio between product and environment.

2 designers are discussing about the design draft on the laptop.

Get matched with the perfect designer for you.

Arrange an independent designer for you and enjoy a unique service.

4 RD guys share their views on latest art trends.

Cooperate with Research & Development team for latest styles.

Designers communicate with R&D before drafting, which enables them to have a deeper understanding of your needs and matching degree, and better provide you with design services.

2 Designers give the final solution to the customer.

Get the final plan within 7 to 15 days.

Your designer creates initial design concepts based on your project details. Then, the designer will work with you to finalize the design according to your feedback.